Monday, December 5, 2016

The Key is gone, long live Labour!

PM John Key announces he is resigning on December 12. Well that explains why he was so quick to call and congratulate Donald Trump, he knew he was on his way out.

He says there is nothing left in his tank. Tank? Is that a euphemism for his brain or for something lower down? It's hard to say with Key. He's nothing if not a master of vague declarations.

He also says his eight-year reign as king of the right-wing rich has been hard on his wife Bronagh and he wants to spend more time at home.

Home alone
I don't know what she thinks of this arrangement but if it's true to Key's political form, she had nothing to do with the decision and this is merely his way of deflecting responsibility for the resignation onto her. The few women in his cabinet were always given the shittiest jobs and made to shoulder the blame when the shit hit the fan.

I wonder if Bronagh will be at home when Key moves back. My bet is not.


  1. Great pool pic - I can't believe he posed for that!

  2. It was back in 2006, pre-PM. No doubt he thought it was a money shot. He was probably right too. They think with their wallets that lot. But better the pool than politics. Hopefully he gets back there quick.