Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It's all about George, Carrie and me

It's a strange and fairly disturbing thing, but when something bad happens to other people you know and like but don't exactly love, including their sudden and premature death, you tend to insert yourself into the event and make it at least a little bit about you. Or is it just me? No, it's not.

I know this because this is not me here with George Michael, it's a friend of mine who used to be in the music biz and met George Michael on his Australian tour and has just posted this on Facebook.

I have a George Michael story too and it's the first thing, or second thing I thought about when I found out he had died. The first thing was: 'Was he only 53; that's only three years older than me!' I was sad for him and shocked too, sort of, but these feelings were not the main ones, if I'm honest.

But me and George go way back too. I served him in London in 1985 when he was already a major superstar and I was, well, a (very young) waitress living on my wits (tits) and tips. Actually I didn't have much tit back then, but that's not the point - certainly not for him!

I have carried that story with me ever since and would give almost anything to remember what I served him. All I remember is that he was with a guy and a girl and being a little bit jealous of the girl. Silly sad Sally (I was still Sally back then; still silly now).

Similarly, when I heard that Carrie Fisher had had a heart attack on the plane back from London my first thought was: 'We've just seen her on Graham Norton!' as indeed we had and she had not seemed at all well. The boy band (can't remember who they were) on the same show had asked her if they could have a photo with her and she had agreed. When I heard the bad news I hoped that that photo and the whole stress of the show hadn't tipped her over the edge, a hope that at least shows I have some compassion.

Now that she has died from that heart attack I feel genuinely sad and a little ashamed of myself, though I am not a Star Wars fan. But she was a cool lady, even in her unwellness that much was clear, and I am sorry her heart gave out, though how it lasted at all after Harrison delivered that classic clunker 'I know' in return for her impassioned 'I love you' I do not know. I know my heart wouldn't have survived that. But it's not about me.

RIP superstars George Michael and Carrie Fisher. You will be missed (by me, as well as just a few others).      

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