Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Orange is the new white

So I can't open my blog and look at John Key ever again, even if he is waving goodbye. I'd rather look at an orange T-shirt.

Monday night I was back at the comedy club doing my funny mummy thing with a bit of Trump trolling thrown in because comedy is all he's good for.

I wondered why so many white people voted for him when he's not white. 'Orange must be the new white,' I said, suitably droll, and got the laugh.

Then I suggested we lure him down under and lose him in the orange desert. More laughs.

Mars is another option.

It was a good night. I kept to the time limit, even if I did have to run the laughs to do it.

But the trouble with stand-up, I can't help thinking, is that you're either the copy cat comic -- LOTS of those -- or the copied cat comic, and as I'm not the former I fear I am in danger of being the latter. There's so much competition in comedy these days and only so many ways to be funny. Indeed my youngest has assured me that big comedians 'borrow' off us unknowns all the time, and with impunity.

So I thought I'd post my latest gag here to make it mine while giving it for free to a much wider audience. Not to suggest you're wide; I'm sure you're quite trim. You can have that for free too.  


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