Monday, December 19, 2016

Otherwise festive?

So you know our new (second-hand but still very shiny) car was crashed into at a stop light a few weeks back just three days after we got it and we're still driving the rental they gave us to use while the p-beaters hang on to ours two weeks and counting longer than they said it would take to fix. They think it will be ready by Christmas but they can't guarantee it. I've heard that one before.

What you don't know is that yesterday the hot water cylinder blew up just as I stepped into the shower (for my twice weekly wash) and with my mother, who likes to wash daily, arriving on the morrow. There will be seven adults staying in the house for Christmas and the power company says it's our problem. No kidding.

Last night, possibly because I hadn't had my twice weekly wash, the cat decided to pee not on me, exactly, which was nothing short of a Christmas miracle, but directly next to me on the master bed where I was lying watching Barry (review pending, once I've re-watched it without the cat pee -- hopefully). Washing the duvet and cover without hot water is going to be festive fun for my husband.

The good news is I've run out of vodka, I poured the last of it down the sink the night before the cylinder blew up and the cat drowned the duvet. Could be connected, the Russians are behind most things.

Merry Christmas, or, as the Russians say, счастливого Рождества; explains a lot.

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