Saturday, November 26, 2016

600 Today!

Just to be clear, I'm not saying this woman looks 600. No. She doesn't look a day over 599 -- and god love her for rocking those wrinkles and smoking that look (I'm not advocating smoking either, though if I were to do that, I could do worse).

Nor am I saying that I am 600 today, although 600 is a fairly accurate estimate of the age I have begun to feel since he who shall not be named was elected president. But no; that is not exactly what I am getting at either.

Rather, it is OWW that turns 600 today with the publishing of this here 600th post since its launch in the April of 2013. And she has come a fair way since that April inception after a long dry summer that produced her first post 'Drought breaker' with its cleverly conceived double meaning.  That clever post received 6 page views.

Since then, OWW has become a little more political and topical in her blogs and her page views have increased accordingly, with pieces on Posting poo, Tall sperm, A big butt, Jesus's sister, Fuck dust, If men could get pregnant, the Burka ban, Drugs for mugs, Excessive clenching and One lost chicken wing, to name a few of her more popular posts that provided a little something for everyone.

Still, if OWW's author had a wrinkle for every blog post she has written she would indeed look 600 years old and she is not altogether sure that the time she has taken on these posts has been worth it, but then again, that's life. Putting the effort in is the best you can do and what you get back is often not a measure of that effort directly but of some spin-off of that effort, such as feeling better about all the smoking she did in her youth after discovering this woman, which she wouldn't have done if not for the blog.

So there's that.

And so it's a happy 600th blog day to OWW; may she blog on for the next 600. Fuck dust indeed.




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