Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lorde Trump

So I tried to find comparable pictures of these two public figures in order to make a fair comparison, and this is the best I could come up with.

In each image the subject is closing her/his eyes, clearly deep in thought -- if thought of very different sorts, no doubt -- and the red highlight is of a roughly similar hue.

They're also both offering their contributions to the world with the aid of a microphone, if only one of those microphones looks like a pair of shrunken testicles, fittingly, the right one.

But there the similarities end -- although they are both white-ish (Trump is orange).

In an attempt to look at the world's present presidential predicament in a slightly less suicide-inducing way, I decided to compare these two very different public figures, one representing the past, the other the future, if both are currently colliding in the present. Lorde's second album is coming out soon; HURRY UP LORDE!

Let's not live in the moment, folks. Let's look to the future where people like Lorde -- wildly creative and courageous, highly intelligent, more mature than her years, open-minded, critical thinking and feisty feminist -- will prevail after the old but perennially childish, bigoted, egotistical, devious, deluded, sexist, racist, arrogant men of limited talents and minds so narrow they can barely see their own way forward let alone the way forward for a world that increasingly doesn't look or sound or think like them, as represented by Trump, finally dies away.

Let's see our present presidential predicament as the death throes of an old order that is finally being exposed for what it is by a generation or two of people who have seen, through people like Lorde of whom there are increasing numbers across the world, a better way to live and think and rule.

I have nightmares about Trump, don't get me wrong. We have a problem, Houston, certainly. But we have never before known the nature of that problem as well as we do now and you can't fight a problem so well if you don't know what it looks like. Now we do and it wears an orange toupee. Who knew? Not enough of us, apparently, but now we do.

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