Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thank you, Hillary Clinton (the people's 45th president)

The people's 45th President
"Hillary Clinton, thank you for being a pioneer and a role model. Thank you for persevering all these years even when you had to eat what I will euphemistically refer to as dirt. Thank you for your intelligence, dignity, tireless work ethic and toughness." (Curtis Sittenfeld).

"It is time to stop suggesting, as some commentators are doing, that Clinton failed us. The truth is, we failed her" (Sarah Churchwell).

Hillary Clinton has a Grammy Award for the audio version of her book It Takes a Village, just one more success of this over-achieving, under-valued woman that most people won't have known about as she campaigned to become president because, unlike her opponent, she is not a skite. 

So as some others post-election are pointing to the flaws in her campaign, because of course it must be her fault she was not able to convince enough people in the right states -- though she got 2 million more votes overall than her rival -- that she was a better candidate for the job than a 'man' like Donald Trump, nothing to do with the deep-seated prejudices and long-running misogynist smear campaign against her, I, like Curtis and Sarah and many many more women, want to acknowledge how great she is and what a debt we owe her as women, first and foremost. Those women who didn't vote for her are fucking hypocrites, which is the worst thing you can be, in my opinion.

So thank you Hillary Clinton for showing the world what women are up against and what we (some of us) are made of, a strength, compassion, humility, resilience and intelligence that are the best, the only, qualities in combination capable of leading us to a comprehensively better world. 

Thank you. You are a legend among women (and men) and your efforts will not be in vain.


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