Saturday, July 27, 2013

Winter colours


Perhaps you might say, these are some typical winter photos. Nothing but white bright, though you can't beat that snow blue sky for brightness. These are a few of the shots taken on our winter three-day jaunt to New Plymouth recently. If I put captions it rearranges the photos tediously. The tower is the original water tower to store the town's water more than 100 years ago. So Goth! The snow garden our teenage daughter remarked, as we romped down these snow-dressed pathways in the virgin forest of recent snowfall without company: "Narnia!" Exactly.

A staunch survivor

This was taken a few minutes earlier of a plant that has been with us for the entire twenty years that we've been on this land and survived various transplants, shrinking a little each time. It hadn't been thriving in its latest, and hopefully final plot, unless we sell, then I might well take it. I don't know which berry it is.

The white rose is almost as white as the mountain. Almost. But these winter flowers thriving in our front winter garden are a great comfort and inspiration. Often I want to get out of Auckland, sell the house, but not today. Not if it means leaving this winter garden

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