Thursday, July 18, 2013



A windsock points a fleshy finger
As slow-coming coffee sips 
Beside a fast-moving river

Happy fruit trees burst
With smiley-faced lemons
Hedges toe the line,
Big trees stand a chillin'

Velvet green fields
Fling far and wide
Horizontal bars for fencing
Laid-back inmates inside

A brown boy sits on a
Black dog smiling
A man of stone looks on
Stooped for the shearing

Black, brown, cream-curdled,
Patch-worked cows
Crowd a backstage wing
Awaiting the fur-fashion show to begin

Two cows sit kissing, preparing for rain
Beside a barn bent over,            
An aluminium igloo, supervising the hay

A crunchy Cornflake carpet,
Left-over leaves do make
No vacancy here 
For suburban suckers/blowers to rake

A burnt-out house stands high on a hill
1800s stylised still
Glamorous glassless windows cast
A dark and sensuous invitation to the past

In town a purple roadside house
Upholds a ubiquitous billboard brand
A young faded female sucks
A Cock bottle in her hand

White-backed, black-faced-and-footed sheep    
Have a bob and a baa each way
Beside stacked mint marshmallow bales
Packed tight with the sweet summer hay

Cast off, road-worn, licorice tyres
Smother a white-plastic mound
Black Fruit Loops in morning milk
For the cows to ponder and to frown.

Now grand fern-filled gorges rise       
Stern and steep either side
Nature's high-minded untouchables,
A thin grey arm daring to reach deep inside.

Four clean white crosses upright
On a sharp bend stand
Felled in one fast and furious turn,
Jesus stamps his weary brand.

Our Learner meek and tortoise-like
Keeps steady to the signs
Impatience rides behind on a bike - overtakes
In burka-black, brakes, unblinking, blind.


  1. Great imagery - that's country

  2. Indeed that's your country, I'm just a long-term interloping admirer, for the most part...