Sunday, July 28, 2013

It's a boy! (for now)

It's a boy! And we're wearing the boy colour to prove it. Little does the wee chap know what's in store for him! At least he comes into this world a little less privileged by being male than the worlds into which his father and grandfather were born.
primogeniture (or more precisely male primogeniture), the monarch's eldest son and his descendants take precedence over his siblings and their descendants. Elder sons take precedence over younger sons, but all sons take precedence over all daughters."  Will and Kate put an end to this in England, bravo to them for that, though we won't now see the benefit of that change in our lifetimes. Drat to that.
So now we know. There's not much else to distinguish a newborn baby, as far as any surprises go, other than its gender, if not known in vitro. In this case, some might guess that the royal couple knew they were having a boy and decided to bring the change of law about while they could, even as it won't affect their children. Good on them. Hopefully the change spreads its liberating tentacles across the globe.

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