Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mothers' Day Night

At Tok Tok -- Asian fusion for talk talk perhaps; I have no actual idea. A lot of tok tok was had, though.

Two poems inspired by the day and night (Sunday 8 May) of celebrating mothers the world over.

Mothers' Day

Listening to my new
Mothers Day Beethoven
is walking through
a fresh garden,
familiar yet surprising.

Leaves fall
carefully to the ground
as if selecting where on the grass
they want to come to rest.

One nose-dives now
showing off
caring not,
unless we should think leaves all alike.

How sad when the power runs out
and there are
no more mums;
no more leaves,
and no more Beethoven!

When Beethoven is switched off forever,
that will be
in itself
almost sadder
than the end of the whole world --

Beethoven, mums (my husband and children), and autumn leaves...
Mothers' Night

I put on my glasses
to better see the darkness; 
we could be in outer space.

I'm not sure
if the glasses help;
my instincts are rather dulled
by the early hour.

After a while
they sharpen
and I begin to see
and hear the darkness. 

A car whooshes past;
a truck
much more distant
roars and whispers both,
grunts made sighs on the wings of distance.

Happy Mothers Day Night 
to one and all rock 'n' roll mutters!

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