Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flog the blog

What I didn't do.
Crikey! What a week it has been on the blog!

Not only have I gained four beautiful brand new 'followers' -- after begging for them right here on the blog (previous post) -- but I have lost my original, and much nicer settings template, without knowing how!

I was trying to change the colour of my link highlights font to make links stand out more, but it all started unravelling: the layout, the colours, the font, everything! In the end, link font colour was about the only thing I didn't change.

Everything else was radically unfamiliar and different for a while there. Now it's only a little different after I managed to get the original background back. But I lost that twice, saving other changes, so I don't want to risk it again.

That means, I'm afraid, that this insipid version will have to do. It's a blunted and blurred version of the previous design, which seems especially unfair to my newest followers who didn't get to properly experience the better blog design, or perhaps to my regulars who had gotten used to it. But as I said, I'm a complete f''king tech idiot.


Frankly, I'd rather deal with pigeons.

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