Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Three metres of sea to see from here
Two trees the foreground to frame    
Canoes criss-cross the surreal scene
Lines passing on the page

Shallow waters shifting right
Lean-legged people left
A couple stand in close embrace
The pivot of no regret

A swimmer black of elbow, back
Thrashes against the grain
A Loch Ness monster lookalike
Pretender to the name

Cutting through the brilliant blue
A sail in bloated white
Fifteen seconds of fleeting fame
Now blows out of sight

Dogs play dogs and waves play waves
Joggers make their mark
From where I sit back looking on
The picture moves like art


  1. Moments in time in the water world - my great escape. Thanks, my poet laureate.

  2. Thanks to you, my musical muse...