Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nightingale III

Newsflash!!! The sky is now pink!

I can't find my camera, otherwise I'd take the dawn with my lens. Seize the lens I would.  But I can't find it.

So I will have to describe it to you, nothing for it...

The sky is now blue and white and peach and flesh coloured with trees sketched in black. Branches criss-cross my window of blue, white and peach sky so that I know it is dawn. No other time has this undressing feel, but the dawn. Exactly as if it were taking things off, exactly an undressing; a getting lighter.

I am drinking milky tea from The Beatles mug. It's a big and bulky mug befitting not one but four boys, no less. It's not mine. I am surrounded by Beatles fans in this house. At least husband M and daughter B are avid fans, two out of five.

I should get back to bed, it's Saturday! (6.39).

6.28 now. How Time flies. I like the idea of capitalising momentous things, like Time. I have been writing lately about Fate. I use a capital for Fate. Night too, and Day. Love should be capitalised, and possibly even Friend.

I don't like how Time flies, because I am human. No other species knows its own mortality, it's quite the heavy load, when you think about it. Kind of explains depression. Life means death, sorry Death, it's kind of a bum wrap.

O to be a cat!

Now the sky is pinky-grey with blue with orange and white melded in, only my eyes - plus Sammy's and Simone's - can appreciate that! It is still dark; my keys still need to be externally lit, the screen is not sufficient. The keys are black. Bad black keys. I need to be able to see you. I need nice white keys. Nothing racist here. Nothing to see here...

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