Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chuck Dick

Chuck Dick at work creating his
phenomenally REAL characters
We almost share a birthday
Almost (one day different, plus a few years)
Believe it or not...      

Chuck Dick

Is the name

Given to the great writer of Hard Times (etc)

By a present-day rapper (on TV)

Suffice to say, my Dickens does not rap
Though his finger is placed
Quite precisely upon the pulse

In 2013 Dickens is my new-found hero
I'm not even kidding

Just read my father's Dux winning prize copy of
Nicholas Nickelby (962 pages short)
Leather-bound, 1934, inscribed in the fancy school logo

1934 Dad Dux (age 14)

Now reading A Tale of Two Cities

Before that Great Expectations, copy bought, per chance, in a second-hand bookshop up in the Blue Mountains on a visit to my brother's family. That purchase kicked off my Dickens phase. I am so pleased to have at last discovered Chuck Dick. I love his women, I loooooove his men. I love his characters, full stop, even his villains. Anon I might move on to another author. But right now, no one beats Dickens

No one beats Chuck Dick.

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