Sunday, October 20, 2013


The queue stretching the length of the street, maybe (consults husband) 500 metres?

Our street at 9am this morning - Sunday!!! Talk about Sunday, busy Sunday. They were also here yesterday, presumably different people, though they looked exactly the same, and all queueing up for the chance of catching a glimpse of me in my natural habitat!

No. Not exactly. This is the TV3's Block NZ hosting its open-home weekend, for which it commandeers our road, closing it to public access with residents having to use a permit and drive reeeaaaal slow on account of the foot traffic on the other side of the road that seems to have forgotten it is still a road. And this, all in the name of selling cheap, but not cheap enough, building supplies.

All in a good cause, though, right?  I guess that depends on your perspective. The worst of it for me was being woken by the set-up crew at 7am this morning. Now normally I wouldn't mind being woken by crashing and banging for an hour right outside the bedroom window on a Sunday morning. But I'm presently detoxing, and that means no quick coffee recovery or alcohol hang-over to fuzz the edges and distract my frustrations onto my aching head.

I know; this has a First World problem ring to it. My brother and family are presently having to run from the Blue Mountain bush fires in Sydney, so I really mustn't grumble. Plus I watch the darn show (there's an H-word for that).

Queueing across our driveway. Is that a Bon Jovi T-shirt?
Some people do have mixed tastes; perhaps she's on commission for the band.

Two of the show's 'stars' let loose (unblocked)

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