Monday, March 5, 2018

Sold Out Sorry!

I'm not complaining, but...

... my final Fringe show on Saturday was so sold out that my husband had to turn our good friends away at the door after they had been looking forward to the show for many weeks but somehow hadn't gotten the memo reminding them that if they want to be sure to see a show they are looking forward to seeing they should probably book ahead! Either that or they presumed that a show with me and me only in it had next to no chance of selling out. Hmm... sometimes friends can be a little like that, and possibly I gave them that impression too. Sorry friends!!!

It didn't help that they are friends who don't use Facebook (whart???) and I don't do Instagram (whart??), which they favour, so they missed all my raving about the event and posting of my sold out opening night show on Facebook. And in the rush of that busy week I didn't think to message them separately, other than to email them briefly earlier in the week to remind them that the event was on and to ask them to please invite their friends too (which they didn't do, in the end, and just as well). 

It's not a bad problem to have to sell out your first comedy special twice I know, but I did want those friends to be there and really anyone else who wanted to see the show and couldn't, which included some other people who turned up at the door wanting tickets despite having to walk past this giant poster and sold out sign to get to that door. One young couple even waited to no avail for half an hour hoping to get tickets if some of the ticketed people didn't turn up. Blimey! 

In the end the Lounge space was a bit overcrowded with the front row completely visible to me and on my level, which was less than ideal. Next time a bigger venue, methinks, as well as bigger expectations on the part of the artist and her friends alike. 

That's not tempting fate at all ! And not just as far as attendance at any subsequent shows go. I haven't heard back from those friends since I emailed them yesterday morning profuse with apology and disbelief. I have a horrible feeling they think it's all my fault, which it probably is. Most things are. Why do you think I started stand-up comedy!!? To make new friends...  

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