Sunday, March 25, 2018

Presidential Golf???

So Barack Obama is in the country for the first time ever and the first thing he does is play god damn golf with our former right-wing PM John Key who is a professional golfer now and no doubt capable of swinging some high stakes clubs around to arrange this meeting with Obama on his first day int he country and before he meets with our our current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern! No doubt the insult to Ardern and to the Labour-co-alition government and possibly also to Maori who are this nation's first hosts, was all set up so that Key could get to say he beat Barack Obama on the golf course. FFS!

Seeing this kind of power held by one man (Key), not even a politician anymore, sets a bad precedent. Obama should have met with Jacinda first, shown his respect to the young woman leader who symbolises a democracy at work in this country in a way that Obama should appreciate especially. Money should not have been able to overrule that. But it did. International man money swung its dirty, godlike golf club to undo the natural order of things such as they would work in a better world where people like these two, people who fight the good fight and try to, and in many ways do, make the world better for others, get to hang out first - and last. The club-wielding dickheads should - and will - have to wait to meet the good people, and maybe they will never get that privilege. 

So finally Obama and Jacinda meet and sure enough get on. What a relief it must be for good people to meet good people in politics, with so much of their time spent meeting dickheads. Perhaps their meeting was better having to wait for Key to sink his balls. Perhaps.

So much more satisfying watching good people in politics meet up and get on than watching a hole in one (or three). I wonder why men are so obsessed with golf...?

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