Thursday, March 15, 2018

It's All About Time (almost)

I cannot profess to know what the heck Stephen Hawking added to our knowledge of the universe and black holes...  and have not read his A Brief History of Time, though have thought about giving it a go but have never had the time - ha! I have been too busy writing jokes like that. Comedy is an art form that is said to have something - everything - to do with timing, if not Time. They're relatives. Hmm...

But I know a good story when I come across one, as I and millions of others did through the 2014 film, The Theory of Everything, that was made of Hawking's life based on the book that his wife Jane Wilde wrote about that life, including her critical role in keeping him alive and inspiring him to go on when he was ready to give up (all verified by Hawking and many others who were there, for those sceptics who don't believe anything women say about what they have done to further the lot of mankind).

Indeed theirs is a profound love story and that is what got people like me, non scientists, interested in the man who once (post his relationship with Jane) told a reporter that he might understand the universe but he doesn't understand women any more than the next man.

Just as well his wife understood him and loved him through all his lack of understanding too, because an understanding love trumps all, including men's determination to remain mystified about the most interesting and important puzzle in life; the ultimate black hole, if you will.

Sorry, but I am a comedian now and when the joke fits, and it fits here, use it. Perhaps it will stand the test of time, perhaps not. Perhaps what Hawking had to say on other black holes will stand the test of time, perhaps not.

But what has and will stand the test of time, because we are all doomed without it, is love, surely the greatest mystery and magic of the universe.

RIP Stephen Hawking (who died yesterday) in the knowledge that you were loved.

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