Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cherries Sold Out!

So in a follow up to my last post I can happily, if with slightly bleary eyes, report that my opening night stand-up gig was a sell out success! My comedy cherry was thoroughly popped in grand style and I did not drop the microphone.

Better still, one dude from England who was in the audience was heard to ask my husband after the show, and I quote: "Has Sacha (that's me) performed at Edinburgh?", and when my husband duly reported that she has not, he replied: "She totally should, she's just as good as those guys!"

I'm just going to highlight that quote, which I took as a decent compliment, even if he might have said she's a million times better than those guys. Never mind, it gives me something to aim for.

Now I just have to prepare for the difficult sequel tonight after very little sleep. Might need a nana nap...

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