Monday, August 10, 2015

Wolves in White Houses

From Butts to buildings...

I don't know about your neighbourhood but mine has recently gone weirdly white. These condom castles, as I like to call them, because they keep the wolves and their whistles behind tight plastic and out of harm's way, are exploding onto the landscape like a housing rash. 

They are not the most beautiful of landscape features it's fair to say, and because they are largely the result of a classic right-wing fuck-up of removing the proper regulations for construction so that new houses built in the 90s for a song and sold for a bomb, were within a few years leaking, unsellable liabilities, every time I see them I think -BASTARDS! which is not good for my health.

Still, when I walk past and hear the wolves chatting away inside their cosy condoms and know they can't see me, I am somewhat amused to think that the whole elaborate set-up might have been devised not to fix leaky buildings, but rather to cage and blinker sexist builders, which is good for my health.


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