Monday, August 3, 2015

Orange Is the New Gold

Okay, I'm sold. The third series of Orange Is the New Black is all gold. 

I stand corrected - actually I'm sitting, like this gorgeous golden goddess, because gold, like admitting you were wrong, is heavy!

My concerns about the second series and some of the first being gratuitously 'bad-ass' and hyper-sexual in a way that exploits gender and race stereotypes to misrepresent 'womankind' as a whole, were substantially allayed in the third series by much more sincere attempts on the part of the writers to make these characters real, rather than ugly and exaggerated caricatures of deviance, and through this realism, speak effectively to all number of wider socio-political issues that affect women, which is pretty much all the issues challenging our world today, with women bearing the brunt of the burden for the various social ills that see people end up in prison - namely, corporate capitalism, organised religion and right-wing social conservatism.

And the group baptism at the end with echoes of Woodstockian 'free love' and joy, worked for me as a celebration of womankind's ebullient essence - if I may be so politically incorrect as to generalise about my gender, which is clearly, at the same time, as varied as the sky is high. 

That said, not sure about 'trust no bitch' as the title for that final episode. Still, I'm not in the mood for quibbling. And endings are hard. So...


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