Friday, August 28, 2015

Hell's bells, seeds and cells!

In honour of our National Poetry Day (not an altogether promising opening line, but bear with me if you will), I want to pay tribute to a fond fellow freak who not only shares with me an aversion to seedy cellular clusters but a profound talent for poetry...

In fact, she is Morgan Bach, published author of Some of Us Eat the Seeds (2015) and I am stretching my poetic licence and skills rather too far to make any kind of comparison between us, even on the seeds and cells front, as her aversion is more to seeds and mine more to cells.

Still, it's close enough for me, considering I have never met anyone else on this seedy cellular planet of ours who is repulsed by either seeds or cells. And now that I have (if not in the flesh yet), and she happens to be a poet of extraordinary skill, I think I am entitled to feel a kindred spirit of sorts; seeds/cells and all.

My aversion to images of clustered cells is such that this blue image, which is actually of cells with Aids, was as close as I could get to viewing healthy cells en masse without wanting to vomit, and if Aids improves something for you you know you've got a problem. And I do. Because even this was still too close for comfort. So please excuse me while I go and bring back my breakfast, no reflection on National Poetry Day of course.

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