Sunday, June 28, 2015

Spam bam, thank you Ma'am

A curious email just arrived in my husband's work inbox from the "various exhibition booths & truss system for 15 years in Shanghai"...

The author calls herself Yolanda and begins her letter "Hi Dear", then proceeds to thank my husband for an inquiry he says he never made to take part in the 15-years in Shanghai booths and truss system. Why he didn't make an inquiry (if indeed he didn't) to take part in such an event I cannot possibly imagine. Booths and truss system in Shanghai - what's not to like?

A few details of the booths and truss system are then provided by Yolanda with the promise that they will give my husband "an edge over you competitors."

Yolanda then concludes her final wrap-up on the intriguing booths and truss system in Shanghai by saying "I hope you'll be pleasure my service and feel free to contact with me!!"

"Pleasure my service"?

Even if my husband isn't looking into booths and truss system in Shanghai, I am!

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