Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Love at first Skype

OK, that's quite enough of Don-Key's face for now and forever! My family need me to move on to some other face, ANY other face but his.   So here she is: the much more agreeable face of OWW, sensibly wearing a beanie in case her proximity to the ponytail-pulling donkey puts her own hair in peril. You never know when or what that PM is going to pull next.                  But enough about that and on to the matter at hand: love online... 
Our first-born (21-22), recently announced, like a lightning bolt in our back yard only much more startling: 'I've met someone and I'm going to Perth in three weeks to see her'. As we live in Auckland, approximately 5,351 kilometres from Perth and the son in question almost never leaves his room these days except to go to the bathroom (and sometimes not even then), it was just as well I was sitting down at the time he dropped this startling news in my lap. 

Not that I'm complaining, mind. Whatever it takes to get him out of his room is fine by me. And, indeed, I'm all for love, on and off line. And it appears that what it took was a mutual interest in some highly addictive computer 'game' (not allowed to call it a game) and Skype. Love at first Skype? Stranger things have happened -- a ponytail pulling prime minister, for instance. But I'm over that now. I shall never mention it again.

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