Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wishful Drinking (Carrie and me II)

This is not my copy.

So it turns out I didn't appreciate the full Carrie when I blogged about her recently here.

In particular, I didn't fully appreciate what a grand lady comedian she was, performing a one woman show based on the memoir she wrote, with the genius title 'Wishful Drinking' .

Shame on me. I blame the drink (and the pills).

I will read it asap (as well as her other books).

Just coincidentally, because this is not all about me, having written and published my own memoir this year I am now trying to put together my own one woman show, so I am essentially trying to do exactly what Carrie did only from a position of being a complete unknown who did not star in the biggest box office hit film series of all time and who is approximately one million years older than Carrie was when she did those things.

Never mind. I plan on coming up with a better title for my one woman show. I think I need a drink - hey! that could work.

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