Monday, January 16, 2017

Seahorse love, just because

I made these in high school and somehow kept them safe and well all these years, probably because I left them in peace. In fact I forgot all about them for aproximately 30 years and never wore them - they are earrings, but surely much too lovely for ears. 

A few years back I rediscovered them and decided to take them out of their long hibernation, at first barely remembering where they came from. But studying them closely the memory that was stored inside their intricate grooves and rustic red sheen came back to me all at once and I did remember; I made them in Year 8 Art, when I was 13.

Yesterday they found a home inside the cute little Trade Aid pot that my youngest gave me for Christmas this year. It is just big enough for them to fit together kissing, making a seahorse heart and, even more cosmically (great word from the 70s), the women's internal reproductive zone.  

It was all meant to be; they have found a home in the zone and will remain there kissing (well, almost) until they fall out of love. And as they can't fall far, being squeezed by the sides of the pot, that probably won't be for a while. They say you can't force love, I think it must be different for seahorses. And just as well for us, as there may be no cuter creature.  


  1. Yes, home at last. It's an cool image - should be on the front of a book.

  2. Guess I'll just have to write a book about seahorses next :)