Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meryl's broken-heart art

Accepting her Cecil B. Demille lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes yesterday Meryl Streep finished by quoting Carrie Fisher: 'You take your broken heart and make it into art'.

Meryl's heart (like many) was broken most recently by the man who mocked and mimicked a disabled reporter and became president. She showed the video of this 'man' mid-mockery, because naturally his favourite defence is the shameless denial and rearrangement of the facts.

By using the few minutes she was allotted to speak in acceptance of her award to call out this bigot instead of talking about herself and her 30-year career in which she has been nominated for more awards than any other actor in history, and won a whole bunch of them too, including other lifetime achievement awards, Streep turned her broken heart into the hardest of all arts - politics.

And in so doing she made Hollywood history. Hopefully more actors will follow her lead - if they can and if they dare.

Of course the mocker denied everything and called Streep 'the most overrated actress in Hollywood' on Twitter where all the trolls and bigots and president-elects hang out.

I guess he's just jealous, as he could, arguably, be called the most underrated actor in politics.




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