Friday, June 3, 2016

The last launch

Okay folks. This is my last hurrah on the book-promotion front, at least as far as my blog goes -- and only if I can help it, which I probably can't, because I'm not in charge any more, but I will try.

My Sydney launch (RSVP link here) has finally been set for a month from today and here is the invite, decorated with various pictures of me in my dancing days, mostly dressed as an animal. It's an indication of the wackiness of my young life and dancing career, all of which can be appreciated in much more depth and drama if you read the book itself. But you know that -- right? Right.

So... if there is anyone out there likely to be in the vicinity of Glebe Sydney on the third day of the seventh month and 16th year of the third millennium, I would be so marvellously moved if you would find your way to Gleebooks mid-afternoon to take part in my launch, I will offer you a free glass of wine -- or mineral water -- and even more generously, sign a copy, or several copies, of the book(s) you buy -- provided it is my book, that is; I don't think they'll let me sign other people's books. If they do, I will. Whatever it takes.

See you in Glebe!


  1. Loved your NZ launch, enjoy Aussy, am sure it will be a blast :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Unknown :)