Thursday, June 9, 2016

On endurance: It takes women longer

TIME: Twenty-three years ago
Did you know that female and male sperm behave quite differently, with endurance being the distinguishing trait of the female and speed the distinguishing trait of the male? Probably not, but you should, because it explains a hell of a lot.

Did you also know that in her 20s Hillary Rodham turned down repeated marriage proposals from Bill Clinton, worrying that she would lose her independent identity through marriage, and when she finally accepted him, kept her own name (not adding the 'Clinton' for more than a decade) against the wishes of both of their conservative families and the prevailing patriarchal culture of her country and world?

Or that she was raised by Republicans and turned Democrat when, in her early twenties, the 'veiled' racism of the Republican party became evident to her and she found them on the wrong side of the campaign to end the war in Vietnam?

Or that she was the first female partner of a top US law firm and earned far more than her husband for many years until, with her help and financial support, he made it to the White House; or that as First Lady in the 1990s she campaigned hard for healthcare reform along the lines of Obamacare (it was derogatorily dubbed Hillarycare) but failed to get it through a predominantly Democratic (male) House?

Probably not, because the media don't wan't you to know that this woman (or any woman), whose name should appear under the dictionary definition of 'Endurance', has been battling for women, for peace, for the poor, for racial equality and for justice for all before most of us knew what these battles were and, indeed, before her husband, who was more focused on the linear (classic male) race to political power.

Nor do the media or Bernie Sanders and people want you to know that this election battle is first and foremost a gender battle, a battle between endurance and speed and all their associated strengths and weaknesses, and that this is the longest battle ever fought and the most important for the world to win, because, as all happy lovers know: endurance trumps speed.

If Donald, who epitomises the male approach to life, 'love' and liberty: the first there at any cost wins and stuff the 'losers', wins this race against Hillary, who epitomises the female approach of perseverance, courage and the long-term (never-ending) fight for what's right, then we've only got ourselves to blame, especially those on the left who labelled Hillary a liar and made the contest between her and Bernie about anything but gender justice, all the while propping up the dominant gender and ethos.

I know this simplifies matters some, but a degree of simplification in politics is unavoidable and necessary for a functioning democracy. Plus, it's lunchtime and there are degrees of endurance amongst women and mine, for now, is up. But I'll be back...

In the meantime, check out this interesting article incorporating related themes: It's time to admit Hillary Clinton is an extraordinarily talented politician.



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