Monday, November 23, 2015

Slam bam, thankyou ma'am

I'm a poet - if not a very good one - and I do know it (unfortunately). Fortunately, others have more talent in this field than I.

Mohamed Hassan, pictured here on the cover of the latest North Shore Times, who emanates from none other than our next-door suburb, Milford - though originally from Cairo - is one such talent, having just won the National Poetry Slam competition

This, I fear, is something I am much too gutless to enter, though to be fair, I didn't quite know it existed until this article appeared - even more shame on me.

But never mind, it's nobody's loss except mine. Ha! A little bit more poetry for you there, even if rhyming is not poetry necessarily and the best modern poets avoid it at all costs, which I suspect includes Mohamed here, whose winning poem was about refugees, of which I believe he was/is one.

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