Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Turn the other cheek

... especially if you're squeamish.

Earlier this year I brought you an image of my other cheek as it looked two-thirds of the way through a six-week course of treatment for skin-cancer (not the lethal kind). That image, which I also shared with my faithful Facebook 'friends', scared young children, encouraged my enemies and aroused the ire of my own, not so young children, who saw it as a disgusting and shameless piece of attention seeking. So I pulled the image. I know when I'm beat.                                                                                                                                                                     But... you can't keep a good woman down. And this time I'm bringing you my other cheek, further on through the same treatment, so not quite as disgusting, and exclusively for your eyes only, my faithful bloggees, bypassing my soft stomached Facebook family and hopefully my children, who generally don't read my blog. You're welcome.

And as a reward for your faithful and forgiving, non-squeamish viewership, I'm including an 'After' shot of that other cheek to show you the value of perseverance and to prove that science beats religion every time in delivering true 'miracles', if using slightly less glamorous and sexy methodologies.   


  1. Looks like some pretty quick healing going on here - go vitamin C.

  2. Quick-ish; then again you always were more patient than me :)