Friday, September 4, 2015

Too Fat to Fly

Okay. So after much painstaking research in pursuit of the ultimate book title, I think I've finally found it: Too Fat to Fly. Pity it doesn't quite work for my memoir, which is set mostly during my skinny years and only involves a small amount of flying. But it might work for later volumes. Something to keep up my sleeve - while there's still room, or until there no longer is.

But for now, 'Too Fat to Fly' is not a book title - though the awesome Too Fat to Fish is, which is a shame, because if it wasn't, I would have made that work for my memoir somehow, even though there are no fish in it, though there is a frog. Never mind.

But back to flying...

'Too fat to fly' is a reported recent judgement of a China Airlines carrier of one of its stewardesses who had, perhaps, been eating too much fish. The story is only hearsay and probably untrue, as most Chinese women tend to be so light they could fly without the aid of a plane, but you never know with the Chinese. Here's the Daily Mail news piece to make of what you will.

Then there's the Swedes - on this issue of being too fat, which I'm carrying on with because it is frankly much more interesting than finding a title for my book.

Now, I've sung the praises of the Swedes for exposing sexism where others deny, hide and make excuses for it, but in this account of one young former model in that long blonde land, it seems they are joining the sexist rank and file of men and women the world over who believe women can never be too thin and pronounce most of us too fat to film let alone fly. And as this account comes from the model's mouth, as it were, there is no denying its truth.

And I've said it before, sort of, and I'll say it again: if this girl is too fat for anything, then I'm a goldfish. And I'm not a goldfish, truly.

And there's another possible title for my memoir right there. 'I'm not a goldfish, truly': A memoir.' In all good book stores soon.


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