Friday, April 10, 2015

A room with 66,384 views

Two years of OWW today!

... and a few thousand more views this year, April to April, than last year, though I posted more than twice as many posts last year than this. So not a bad post-for-post result.

I'm glad you're looking in on me and my wacky world, even if you aren't FOLLOWING me in great numbers or leaving COMMENTS, which is a little less gladness making but never mind.

This here is the other end, the business end, of my little study from the book end shown in the photo taken last year of the little room where everything, or almost everything, happens, on this auspicious anniversary (see: I'm sure there's a better way of sharing a link, in fact I know there is, but I've forgotten how. Never mind.

Yesterday my first publishing contract came through and by this time next year, if the publishers hold good to their promises, my first book should be on the shelves of all good book stores in Australia, New Zealand and beyond -- presuming there are any left.

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