Sunday, September 14, 2014

Now I am 16


Now I am 16
a child I have been.

Having grown to see sense
to put childishness in the past tense
(perhaps not altogether).

To walk as well I can
between being boy
and becoming man.

Now I am 16
living the dream.

Happy Birthday Cal!

My youngest turned 16 today. I wrote this wee poem for him on his birthday card that I bought from time out in Mt Eden. I feel somewhat over-thanked by their bag, having only bought a card, good quality though it was, so offer this post by way of a balancing of the thank-you scales. I love the bag and the card and the shop, and have bought many books from them in the past and will do so again, most assuredly, in the near future.

Here's to quality indie book stores and the effective marriage of commerce, creativity and community -- a non-exploitative three-way. And a Happy Birthday to our boy, Cal.  

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