Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Long live the Left

On Saturday the Right won by a thrashing 48% of the vote (the Left, with Labour and Greens combined, didn't even reach 35%). That means they can govern alone. Their far-right support party, Act, also got in, thanks to their Right-wing cunning.

They won by strategising; by playing on people's prejudices and exploiting popular ignorance about how wealth and well-being are created. By telling the nation we shouldn't resent the rich. There is no life on the Right.

Life resides and thrives, despite the Right, entirely on the Left. Humour, understanding, compassion, caring, creativity, community, artistry and passion: LIFE. Writ large, bold and beautiful.

Long live the Left! Long live life!  


  1. Great piece - Left is right, Right is wrong

  2. I could say you're right, but better, in this context, to say you're not wrong :)