Thursday, May 29, 2014

Remains of the Autumn Days

Two days till autumn officially ends and I feel this year that I haven't made nearly enough of a fuss of my favourite season. Perhaps because last year, on this very blog, I made quite the fuss of autumn and probably overdid it a bit. Everything is a reaction to something.

Still, I miss autumn already and wonder where it went to that I hardly stopped to see a single leaf drift down from its tree to gently settle on the ground, like nature's great peace-making with the way of things. Instead I looked up and all the leaves were fallen, elbowing each-other for space on the grass, almost as if in a hurry to have the season over and done with, which is not at all the usual calm way of autumn at all.

To make up for my overlooking autumn this year, I have taken a series of photos to commemorate its closing days for another year as we head into winter, a more assertive season altogether. 


1 comment:

  1. Yes, autumn is my favourite season, too – a comfortable temperature with a great view.
    Great shot of Rangitoto – thanks.