Monday, May 19, 2014


I like to take cryptic photos. If you go close-up enough to almost anything its image becomes cryptic, it's not a bad way to see things, rather more clearly, ironically, than stood back at a sensible distance. 

That said, what is it? Could be a metallic crocodile. A crocodile from the future. Our fashion future: metal croc skin. I like it. Heavy.

But no. This is not from the future. This is from the present. There's a clue in the title. Indeed. It is a whole bunch of nails. Why -- and how -- so many all together? 

It's one of those nail-press things. You press something underneath the nails and turn it over in your hand and the nails not pressed drop away and leave an impression of your thing, whatever it is. My thing isn't all that impressive. People mostly do a hand. Mine is the remote control for the tele. 

Not a bad place for it, really.

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