Saturday, December 23, 2017

Time to end

A family of two young girls (8-9yrs) and their mother built this
on Takapuna Beach yesterday. 
It's time to end the year and maybe the blog. I am feeling overworked and it is probably time to move on to a more integrated image, site and message for Sacha Jones Comedian. This blog gets a little too "political" for that image and message, at least for some people's tastes, not mine, but some. So fair enough. Time to ditch "the political" and rock the comical! Are you ready??? I hope so.

So the very best of the season and end of year and New Year to all of you! And a Happy Christmas Day for those who are into Santa. I hope to see you again via my integrated web presence in the future if this is indeed my last blog post. It is certainly my last of the year.

I am, I confess, into Santa and the whole nine yards of red tinsel and spiky holly and too-tasty chestnut stuffing mainly, I think, because of childhood associations. Everyone wants to be transported back to their childhood from adulthood when you have lost the childhood freedom to not know who you are yet and so to be all sorts of different people while more looking out than looking in.

That is the freedom of the child and that is why I love working with preschool children. There is so much creativity in them. So much fun, so much freedom, so much curiosity, so much energy, so much life! I just adore them all. It is a total thing for me and even older children right through to teens and early 20s.

New Christmas umbrellas in Sydney 1970.
I (older sister) was VERY happy. 
I am into older people too, quite a fan of the human being in general, though I am not quite as much into older humans because of their (our) mainstreamed and streaming traits. But still very much I love them (us) for their (our) endurance, our experiences and our readiness to laugh at ourselves, something most of us couldn't do when we were younger. I know I couldn't.

So a very Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!!! May you get at least one thing that you want and or need under the tree and have some fun food time with the people you care about.

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