Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Catnip Christmas

Mother TT guarding the nip.
So... we bought a new plant for the garden and it turned out to be CATNIP. Our two resident cats are obviously pretty happy about the situation, one of them, TT, is pictured guarding said nip here.

The other, Trixie, her daughter no less, has shown an interest.

Otherwise we, the owners of the garden and chief purchasers and planters of all and sundry pants, are happy enough about the arrangement of the plant designed to grow wild and spill down the low hill onto the brick path, which it more or less does.

The fact that we didn't know it was Catnip raises the Christmas surprise element significantly. Surprise is king at Christmas and here we have mastered surprise, TT and her daughter Trixie had no idea we were bringing home catnip for Christmas. Much harder to surprise the children.

Daughter Trixie,
watching the nip from a close distance.

Anyway, we are happy with the result, two happy cats and a garden that looks suitably rambling and wild, which is what I wanted in adding the plant that would turn out to be catnip.

Everyone is more or less happy, the best you can ask for in this day and age.


Love to know what it is about the catnip that they like so much...

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