Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Master bed

Sorry about the uneven light, best I could do between downpours.

Her room really (the cat's).
Not for sale (room). Cat, possibly.
I have a theory that the mattress protector was developed by a man to avoid having to take the mattress outside for an airing once in a while. Lifting and carrying a double mattress is definitely 'men's work'.

But washing the mattress protector is mostly going to be women's work, as most washing is done by women, whether paid or unpaid. In our house, Moose does the Saturday wash and I do the rest, which is about even, to be fair.

But this 'master bed' load nearly killed the washing machine (and me). Three queen-sized sheets and protectors, plus pillowcases, all wrapped around a centre piece, spinning and churning madly, was nearly more than our machine could cope with. Handling them onto the line took a fair amount of spinning and churning too; really a longer-limbed machine and chief washer are required.

And that house there beyond the sheets - our neighbours of twenty-two years - has just sold for a second time this year. Estate agents bought and flicked it, adding a shiny vase of giant fresh flowers like a great fake smile. And bingo! It sold again.

Don't know how much more they got for it the second time but it didn't take long to sell. They'd only need another $50,000 to be doing very well out of the two-month deal, and that's precisely how house prices are pushed higher and higher. Sometimes I think the entire right-wing is a property developer and effective real-estate agent.

Parasites one and all.

Meanwhile, we live on next door, exposing our underbelly to the prospective neighbours - spin on that!

Nice garden.

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