Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International Amy

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than with the comic genius of Amy Schumer whose latest stand-up show - the Leather Special - we watched on Netflix last night.

'Be bold for change' is the message of this year's International Women's Day and Amy is nothing if not BOLD.

She not only challenges Hollywood and wider ideals of petite, pouting and passive femininity, but in this latest special she boldly uses her international platform to make a stand on gun violence and violence against women after two women were shot dead while watching her film Trainwreck by a man with a history of domestic violence.

She kind of stops her show to discuss this issue; namely that people (men) with a history of violence can buy a gun in the US, though she somehow still manages to make humour of it without taking anything away from the seriousness of the issue and her strong views on it. That takes real guts, and talent, and epitomises the 'be bold for change' message of this year's IWD.

Women have long been at the forefront of organised campaigns to end war and all forms of violence, while men have been at the forefront of blocking their efforts and fighting for their right to bear arms and kill people, effectively. The future of humanity rests on women being given more power to speak and be heard on the subject of ending all forms of violence, and Amy sets a fine example on this front, especially as she is entertaining and popular with men too and not as easily written off as a man-hating bitch, as feminists campaigning against guns, war and gender violence invariably are.

So here's to Amy Schumer, a true international woman living the challenge to be bold in fighting for change in how women are represented and treated by men, and for a world that does not condone and perpetuate violence in the name of some deeply misguided and sexist right. If a funny woman can be serious about stopping violence, we all can - and must. Be BOLD!



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