Sunday, August 7, 2016

Poked eggs

"Nell Whittle poked you' -- was the first message I received today upon switching on my computer, even before having my breakfast (poached eggs) and uninstalling my laptop keyboard (which I've poked to death) to begin my daily poking of the more hard-boiled mechanical keys. Let's see if you can unscramble that!

Curious, never having been poked before, and not having communicated with, much less been poked by Nell for some time, I opened up the poking notification, only to have it suggested that I poke her back. Charming. It's a Sunday. We should all be at church praying, not poking.

But the inappropriate poking didn't stop there. It was also suggested to me that I 'poke' various other Facebook friends, whose names and smiling, unsuspecting faces duly arrived on my screen with a 'poke' button next them.

It was tempting, in each case, but no. I want to maintain the pretence that we're still friends and as I understand it, poking is not the friendliest of things to do to someone, though it can be, in my part of the world, very friendly indeed, but I don't think that's the sort of poking Nell had in mind.

I could be wrong. I'm going to have to look into it further. To have a good poke around. Get the Moose whisperer (and Moose) onto it. Those antlers could be just the thing; they ought to be good for something.


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