Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Landed and launched (again)

I'm landed (in NZ)!

I'm launched (again)!

And I'm laughing! (well, I'm not entirely laughing, though the idea of being simultaneously launched and landed is a little bit funny -- I get jet lag even flying across the Ditch).

But I am glad to have survived a wild week or two of Australian political campaigning in the run-up to the general election, as well as my Sydney launch, for which there was almost as much build up; and finally the midnight flight home, without meal or movie to distract me from our perilous predicament. I was not born to fly.

But the launch was the highlight, which isn't saying much admittedly, and so herein a few snapshots of the event at Gleebooks Glebe, one of the last bastions of book-shopping bliss. I did present a talk, at least they tell me I did, but there are no photos yet of that (tragically).

The Joneses and publisher Rex Finch (left)
Plus Nephew, Wyatt Lloyd Jones


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