Friday, July 29, 2016

A woman in white

Hillary's history-making speech at the DNC last night
Apologies to all those who thought the 'woman in blue' I was writing about today was this woman, her party's colour being blue, though she's wearing white here.

I can see how that might have been confusing, as I was writing about the other woman (me) on the very day that this woman in white -- the one and only Hillary Clinton -- was accepting the democratic nomination as the first woman ever to be elected by a major party as their candidate for president of the United States -- a fairly big deal.

Indeed my gynaecology appointment and even our midnight visit by the boys in blue, pale into insignificance by comparison. I can see that now and I'm sorry.  It will never happen again -- because one of us is making major history which cannot be repeated. Also, because I'm running out of reasons to visit the gynaecologist.

So please enjoy the speech, as I have done now, and ignore the poem. The woman in white is the far greater woman, and an inspiration to us all who will change the world for the so much better if we let her, and probably even if we don't, but it will be way better if we do.

And on that understatement to end all understatements, I will leave you to watch history in the making. It's poetry in motion, whatever colour it comes in, though if you want blue, there are blue balloons at the end.  

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