Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ms Millican can

Well I don't know about you but I think Sarah Millican is FUNNY!

I saw her stand-up last night in Auckland, with my main man, and came home scarcely able to breathe for wheezing, a sure sign I'd had a good time and laughed my phlegm off. Great word phlegm.

What more can I say? Her voice is like hazelnut ice-cream, unexpected depths, her smile is infectiously cheeky. She is such a natural comedian that the term 'natural' scarcely applies; she is more natural than that.

I'm trying to remember a precise joke but all I'm coming up with is the hilarious skit about trying to get her husband to flip his collar out, instead of in, before they leave for the night (in is apparently his default collar position). There's that voice at top speed, gently correcting, trying not to get riled, as her nerdy husband fumbles with his collar and her instructions, made even clumsier than usual in his anxiousness to please. I was like a neighing horse laughing at that one. I don't think the lesbian couple beside me were impressed.

She is a nerd too of course, Millican. But the female version is far less nerdy than the male. I ought to know, I have a son and probable future daughter-in-law who are both software engineers.You think comedians are nerdy? The serious nerds are software engineers. The female version knows more than the male about how to present herself in public, but neither of them can go out without risking life and limb. Sunburn in summer was a constant nightmare when she stayed here with us (she lives in Perth). Spending all day and night in front of the computer they are so pale that when they wanted to go for a romantic walk together the inevitable happened, second degree sunburn to their necks, faces and arms. How they manage actual romance I truly have no idea.

But back to Millican. She is the best, most natural, comedian of her day, or at least one of them. She doesn't have to put anyone down for a laugh, as too many of the blokes do. Go see her if you can, she's finished her antipodean tour but she's touring the UK till September.


  1. Ms Millican sure can- a constant stream of comicality