Friday, April 1, 2016

A fool's fish cake

It's not April Fools' for nothing...

I made this fish cake last night, trying for a neat round shape, as one does, but lo! I made a map of Australia instead. What are the odds?

With me, well, they are quite high. Perfect rounds don't come naturally to a person born of crooked-edged stock. And with it being the eve of April Fools' Day too, well, you could practically guarantee something of the sort (I will confess I contrived Tasmania out of cake crumbs - for a bit of fun - much like nature did).

Still, I've never made a fish cake in the shape of Australia, with or without Tasmania, before, and I've made a few fish cakes in my time, let the record show. But this one here (since eaten for an early lunch) could well be the world's first Australia-shaped fish cake. Stranger things have happened

So the question is, what to make of it? Why did I make the world's first Australia-shaped fish cake to be eaten on April Fools' Day?

Well, the answer to that pressing question, I think, is that patriotism is a strange thing, particularly for Australians. For exiled Australians it's even stranger still, and I think could explain the occasional subconscious creation of food in the shape of one's crooked-edged country, by way of saying once an Australian always an Australian, particularly on April Fools' Day, that day that has special significance for all Australians wherever they are.

Otherwise, it might just be a happy coincidence contrived by chance to remind us what a bunch of feckless fools we are, though it really doesn't need to try in my case.

Whatever the case of the Australian fish cake, a happy day to all you fabulous fools out there, especially my country cousins across the ditch! A tasty meal you make (made).


  1. Such likeness - you can even see desert areas. Bon appetit!

  2. I know! And the Queensland border too. Too late for bon appetite, though, that fish ship has long since sailed.