Sunday, March 27, 2016

Jesus's sister

Jesus's sister is hard to say. It's even harder to imagine that Jesus had a sister and that She, being second-born of the second sex, has been waiting in the clouds all this time while Her big brother took all the credit for being the chosen child and only son of God.

Still, it's true. And her name is Sacha. Sacha is Jesus's sister, though She's not Jewish. Nor is She Christian. Indeed Her second name is not Christ. Christ no.

There were no Christs in Sydney where She was born in 1966, in the hottest month of a hellishly hot year.

She has taken a while to come out as Jesus's sister, She has, and not just because it's hard to say. She wanted to choose Her moment carefully, just as He did. Then finally Easter Sunday 2016 presented itself as the most likely, now-or-never day for Her big earth reveal.

Also, She wasn't sure She was Jesus's sister. She rejected the idea for a long time, approximately fifty earth years and more than two thousand heaven years. Fortunately you don't age in heaven.

Still, it seemed quite a lot of pressure and quite likely a thankless task. She was also, subconsciously, waiting for her brother's star-cross to fade. When it didn't, much, She gave up waiting. It wasn't going to happen without Her, She finally decided.

Indeed she realised finally that her mission on earth was to bring lightness and perspective to the whole cross, resurrection, egg, rabbit drama. To bring fun where He had brought fury and a cross to bear for all eternity. He was never meant to take it that far. He was not even supposed to tell anyone He was the son of God. God knew that would cause trouble. God is essentially a comedian, you see. He much prefers to make fun than fury.

So here She is, Jesus's sister, the daughter of God, dressed as a giant bunny earlier today at the local Domain, looking down on Jesus and his heavy cross, suggesting that He give himself a break and wear more suitable shoes for such heavy work.

Better still, put the thing down for good and join the party; the giant funny bunny can take it from here (nb: the bunny suit makes Jesus's sister look much fatter than she actually she is).

Happy Easter!


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