Friday, July 3, 2015

Smoking moon dawn

This is my smoking moon tonight. Watch it dawn with me, do!

In the foreground are the leaves of our cabbage tree, the one we can never take down because it saved a worker's life once. A Polynesian roof tiler he was who fell off the roof while tiling it and clung to the cabbage tree so as not to fall two storeys. It supported his not inconsiderable weight. The closer leaves are on the bonsai tree on the study windowsill, a Mother's Day gift from our daughter, B. I think I may have over-watered it, the reason most indoor pot plants fail, apparently.

Tonight I smoke for the moon! My vapours wrap around and entangle hers to make her shimmer and smoke too! It is a secret smoke of course, before the judging sun comes up and the smoking moon goes down, or wherever she goes.

But right now, out my study window, she is high to the right, tucked behind the life-saving tree, a white-yellow-grey orb in a black ocean of sky, smoking. The moon smokes.

Now, after I'd finished typing this blurb, perhaps ten minutes later, she appears in a different light entirely. She descends alright! 

Looks like the cabbage tree clings with loving fingertips to hold onto her till the last. But the moon is such a force she cannot heed the pleasures of trees, however life-saving. So she slips down and out of the tree's lingering grasp like a sucked mint lolly slipping out of the mouth - woops! - until she is finally swallowed up by the pink of Day. Day has so many colours at her disposal! Moon cannot possibly compete.

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6.35 am - 7.34 am)

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