Monday, July 27, 2015

Sit-down comedy

I don't think I'd want to be a stand-up comedian. I'm much happier with the sit-down variety, relying on my fingers to do all the funny work. Besides, my hair isn't good enough for stand-up.

Not so Alan Davies, who proved he has good hair for stand-up last night when he stood-up for us at our local theatre. Of course, he also does a fair amount of sit-down comedy on QI.

Indeed he seems comfortable in either the standing or sitting position, though the horizontal one does seem to present a few challenges for him: "I'm two inches too short for my wife..." said he, during a segment on his sex life, hastening to add, with the timing of the seasoned stand-up, sit-down comedian, "in height", which brought the house to its knees.

That said, I was a little disappointed to see his famous funny mop looking rather greyer than advertised, since he is exactly my age, well alright, he's exactly 26 days younger (bastard!). Fortunately, my husband was at my side last night to offer the quick reassurance, even before we left the theatre, that he looks "much older" than I do, so that was alright. Comedy really is the best medicine.



  1. Yeah, a hilariously set, effortless performed by the brillant AD. Glad this ‘50s child made the effort.

  2. Not that I wish to be picky - of the man who makes me feel young (by comparison) - but it seems the late night out has taken its toll on your adverbs :)